Modern Day AR

AR for the Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Why do Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) owners want to know about the current augmented reality (AR) industry? Retailers, e-retailers, dealers, along with the businesses from the medical fields focus on the potential of augmented reality (AR) applications. This World-class technology is highly recommended for this kind of industry. The three-dimensional models are used to create immersive, interactive, and imperial experiences for the consumers of the FMCG.


Easy to Install ESA

Enterprise Software opens the Doorway to Success

The Consumer Durables industry makes informed decisions using automated trading systems. The enterprise application software manages currency and commodity trades. The software makes the calculation of inventories (televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines. Instruments, phones, kitchen appliances, microwaves, etc. It even executes business with the shift in the market prices. These solutions best track their inventory and identify inefficiencies, marketing strategies, etc.


Apparel ERP Software

Software makes a Paradigm Shift in the Clothing Industry

Assembly of clothing business owners rely on Apparel ERP software to manage their inventory orders, audits, Error-free automated pricing, and invoicing. The software underpinned by the Built-in analytics and Scheme Management comes with a whole range of advanced features. The E-commerce enabled Fraud protected software is quick and easy to install and maintain.


Integrated(CRM) Software

Jewellery CRM for the Jewellery Industry

Integrated Customer relationship management (CRM) software creates customer profiling, customer tracking, customer trends, point-of-sale systems, order tracking, payment processing, customer service, prospect management, customer loyalty programs, and more. This helps Gold jewellers effectively manage their business operations effortlessly with less human intervention.


Matrix Jewellery Software

Jewellery Retail Software for Business Automation

Jewellery Retail Software comes with tangible benefits. A solution of this kind makes every process organized. With this, the jewellers gain full automation and control over their Jewellery trade. The Revenue-driven solution helps them achieve business visibility. It helps boost overall performance and gain total control over the procurement process.


Adaptive CRM Software

Industries Adapt to the Adaptive CRM Software

CRM Software covers every aspect of the business domain. Built on the latest technology, the solution performs every operation from logistics to transportation and shipment. The software is suitable for BFSI, Insurance, Hotels, Financial Services, Consulting, E-commerce, wholesalers, Multi-marketplace retailers, and others. The CRM software is competent in managing customer engagement, operational aspects, and customer interactions across remote channels.


Jewellery ERP

Know your Progress using Jewellery Software

Gold manufactures, wholesalers, retailers, and e-retailers depend on Hallmark jewellery software. An accepted software comes in handy for jewellery retail showrooms, wholesale business houses, online Jewellery sellers, and diamond dealers. An error-free automated solution with innovative inventory and accounting features ensures high profits for the jewellers.


Jewellery Management App

Jewellery Software for the Complex Jewel Business

Gold trading companies use specialized software solutions. It's crucial for their sustainable growth and development. Gold businesses deploy portfolio management systems to keep track of their investments. The software platforms check the world's gold, silver, and diamond valuation. Besides rates, the software helps them analyze the metal market, Gold trends, news, and research.


Animation & VFX

Advantages of VFX Technology

The All-encompassing VFX Technology makes magic on massive celluloid screens, cathode ray tubes, fluorescent screens, small television sets, computer terminals, VDUs, LCDs, Organic light-emitting diode (OLED), and Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) of your mobiles. The use of visual effects by several business owners has resulted in the demand for the technology.


Digital-Marketing Insider Kit

Redefining Your Strategies for Growth in the Digital Galaxy

Take hold of the Digital Marketing Insider Kit that helps you get valuable insights to redefine your digital marketing strategies. Trust our Digi-Marketing Insider Kit a Gateway for your growth from the grass-root to the infinite galaxy. Tackle competition, make transformative leaps, and grow every fiscal year.


Integrated Digital Marketing

Transform Your Digital Marketing with AI-Assisted Solutions and Boost Sales by 3X

Our Full-cycle Digital Marketing technology solutions set you on a journey toward digital transformation. From now on, rely on our AI-assisted automation and optimization tools to make your content go worldwide. Generate up to 3X more sales orders from large purchase segments.


Digital Marketing Campaign

Key Strategies for FMCG Marketing Success

For promotion, businesses use multiple strategies to make an impression in the market. Fast Moving Consumer Goods and beverage industry uses unified messaging across TV, social, road shows, and outdoor displays to achieve a 10% uplift in product consumption. Digital marketing targets demographics to make products sell successfully.


Impactful Digital Marketing

Boosting Growth, Branding, and Reach for Your Business

Digital Marketing impacts your business growth and branding. The approach finds customers that you wouldn't have encountered. Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing establish an online presence to spread the word to prospective customers. As it communicates directly with customers, it delivers a higher conversion rate.


Masters of the Metaverse Creates Reality

Customize Your Digital Identity and Explore Virtual Worlds

Want to be the creator of reality? Now you can win over the wonderful world with the mysterious Metaverse, Petaverse, Exaverse, and Getaverse. Customize your digital credentials to connect with individuals and communities. Explore, create, navigate, educate, play, socialize, and take a tour across the virtual worlds from any device.


Metaverse - More Immersive than Ever

Advertising and Selling in Virtual Worlds with X-YUG Technologies

Metaverse backed by Blockchain technology has a huge influence on our lives. X-YUG Technologies our Metaverse partners help us advertise and sell goods and services in the virtual world. For world-class entrepreneurs, a spatial computing platform or Metaverse is a movement, they move with the movement. How about you? Are you in Metaverse mode? Become a Real-time Metaverse influencer now.


Getaverse for the Globe

Empowering Programmable Digital Identities with Decentralized Web3 Protocol

Getaverse is a Metaverse ecological service program based on the Web3 digital authentication engine protocol. The decentralized, interoperable, and open-source platform creates programmable digital identities. Learn more about the Blockchain credit system or Getaverse. The platform offers infrastructure support for its people to develop and deploy digital credentials on a multitude of public chains, networks, and decentralized identities.


The Promising & Protected Petaverse

Create and Collect Immortal Digital Pets with AR

Supported by augmented reality technology, Petaverse produces immortal digital pets, physical characters, pseudo-personality traits, glamorized games, and exotic digital collectibles of your imagination. Protected by the meta-bubble, the ever-popular Petaverse makes its users bond with their smartly created digital figurines, leaderboards, imageries, videos, and more. No matter where you go, digital creatures capture you on various social media channels.


DevOps Draws the Real-world

Breaking Down Barriers Between People and Technology for Growth

Get the three types of digital twins and threads adopted for your growth. Integration of the three DevOps Developer mindset, DevOps Development methods and DevOps Delivery model breaks down the barriers between people and technology. Technology thus sculptures our present and future, and infinity.


Going with GitOps

An Operational Framework for Cloud-Native Applications

GitOps operational framework is the DevOps trend enterprises widely use. The framework focuses on a developer-centric experience while operating. GitOps takes DevOps best practices such as version control, collaboration, compliance, and CI/CD tools for application development and infrastructure automation. By way of GitOps, implementing Continuous Deployment for cloud-native applications gets easy.


Essential Pillars of DevOps

Quality-Driven Mindset for Automation, Speed, and Continuous Delivery

DevOps Culture and its Quality-driven mindset helps solidifies the Automation, Increased workflows speed, Deployment, Configuration, Testing, Collaboration and Customer requirements, Performance monitoring, Bug reduction, Security against vulnerabilities, Feedback, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), Application Containers, etc.


Dedicated DevOps Tools

Streamline Your DevOps with Top Automation Tools: Git, Docker, AWS, and Jenkins

Take charge of the best DevOps automation tools to streamline and automate end-to-end software development, operations, and delivery of superior software. DevOps Tools like Git, Docker, AWS, and Jenkins focus on communication and collaboration manual tasks and control complex environments across the DevOps Lifecycle.