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Optimise Your User Experience with Mobile-First UI/UX Design

Ensure your digital product's success by prioritising the mobile user experience with our mobile-first UI/UX design approach.

About Us

User Interface (UI) includes every other visual plus the aesthetic element like your screens, buttons, icons, menu bars, typography, colors, or toggles you interact with while using a website, iPhone, iPad, etc.

  • Think Big, Design Small, & Deliver Stylish Solution
  • Customers Purchase Products designed using UI/UX
  • Bestselling UI/UX Design Delivers Product with a Purpose

UX explicitly describes your reciprocity towards the product, its touch, and feel to give you an In-store or retail consumer experience. UI UX Design not just spells user satisfaction but continually explores ways to improve the product experience for those commodities with longstanding market presence for years.

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Outsourcing Ultra Usable UI/UX Design

UI/UX designers create exceptional products and services. That’s why the corporate world increasingly hires third-party outsourcing for UX/UX designers. These designers apply the rapidly evolving UI/UX approach, techniques, and trends to develop innovative, user-centric, and panoramic products and services.

  • 01 Design Thinking Approach

    On the surface, a design thinking outlook generates core creatives. The problem-solving methodology works parallel with innovation and creation. It defines and discovers problems, pain-points, performs tests, and releases solution prototypes.

  • Our Visual design skills create visually appealing, easy-to-use, and consistent interfaces to complement the brands. Here, UI/UX designers use typography, color theory, composition, and the latest design principles.

  • Get a highly satisfactory outcome with the creation of behavior, feedback, and animations for the users' interactivity with a product. Gain highly intuitive and efficient design interactions that can win and captivate user psychology.


Our Works- Humanized UI/UX Technology

UI/UX go hand in hand. You can’t have UI without UX and UX without UI. UI/UX just can't work without one another. Design isn’t finished until you use UI/UX to the fullest. The approach works with simplicity to design your complex creatives. We use our genius to make your UI/UX projects as simple as you.

Mockups & Prototyping Models70%
Designed Products Accessibility90%
Touch-sensitive Mobile-First Design55%
Front-end App Development55%

Why Choose Us...?

Choose us to create adaptive Design Icons, Graphics, Visual Style Guides, Animations, Echo, Blast Effects, and Sounds for gadgetries of various screen sizes. Products interactivity and responsiveness between the user and device becomes enjoyable.

Ubiquitous UI/UX Delivered as Promised

UI/UX is the need of the global industries and ours too. For our UI/UX/Software development projects, we depend on X-YUG Technologies. Their Open-mindedness and rich expertise helped them sketch, simplify, strengthen, and streamline our UI/UX work. I would always follow X-YUG Technologies for my IT-associated projects.

Outsourcing UI/UX Services

X-YUG Technologies inclination in the visually appealing UI/UX designs is expansive from the rest. Their well-versed UI designers and artistical UX specialists keep skills at their fingertips. They are best in using high-fidelity Prototyping tools, Invision, Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, Wireframing, Usability testing, Monochrome color palette sense etc.

Best Interaction Design (IxD)

An exhaustive user research helped X-YUG understand users' needs. Team suggested clusters of designs integrated with interactive components like buttons, motion, and animations that interact with the user and their device.

2D Visual Representations

As disruptive thinkers, our passion is to achieve the best UI and UX. X-YUG's UI UX partnership helped us incorporate typography, icons, imageries, tables, maps, diagrams, networks, heatmaps, visual representations, and much more to be embedded into our web and mobile apps.

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